"The Source of Inspiration and Integrity"

February 14-23, 2024 | Amazonian Peru
Integrity - Coherence - Balance
Whatever you are looking for in your life could be linked with one of these three aspects of our human being existence:

INTEGRITY you can imagine in a form of layers that are connected in between by the invisible life force, and at the same time, they have different functions and qualities: like layers of the Earth. Integrity is the result of coherence…

COHERENCE is the interconnectedness of all parts in between as if they are all tuned and vibrating together, they are aligned. Coherence is the result of the never-ending precise process of balance...

BALANCE is your unique way of adapting to the constant changes. And through that you can be fully alive!

How to balance and adapt yourself to changes.

How to keep your layers coherent.

And finally, how to get the integrity of yourself as a whole being.

Traditional Peruvian work with Ayahuasca plants is the unique and direct way to come to your INTEGRITY
We are going to...
February, 2024
February, 2024
To the Heart of the Amazonian Shamanism
Where: Peru, Pucallpa
When: February 14-23, 2024
Shamans: Traditional Shipibo family of plants and energy healers
How many: Private small group
Retreat Program
Before - During - After
Preparation process.
Starts no less than 1 month before the Retreat
  • Group meetings
  • Individual sessions
  • Specific Diet
February 14
February 14
Arriving Day.
We will pick you up in the airport according to your flights
  • Transportation: Airport > Shamans' family place
  • Accommodation in the wooden houses
  • Meals according to the Special Diet
February 15-22
February 15-22
Experiencing. Catching Inspiration. Integrating.
  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Individual plants saunas
  • Specific set of plants for deepen the cleansing, balancing and alignment the experience, insights and results
  • Personalized plants prescriptions according to your specific case
  • Energy movements and breathing
  • Group and individual support, sharing, integration
February 23
February 23
Rest day.
In the Wellness Hotel
  • Transportation: Shamans' family place > Wellness hotel
  • 1 night staying in the Wellness hotel (meals are on you in the hotel’s restaurant)
Where you can rest, take a hot shower, buy gifts, having an interconnection time in between deep inner process and the upcoming traveling back home to your daily Reality.
February 24
February 24
Departure Day.
According to your flights.

Integration process.
  • 4 private integration sessions
  • Group meeting


Inspiration comes from the Source.

Whether you are beginning something new

and need inspiration, or you've just finished something

and want to rest, go to the Source...

Then the Source will decide where your potential is! You can trust and relax at the Source, and it will take you to your Inspiration and being in love with your Life... again!
Preparation Process
It’s one of the most important things to do before going to the Ayahuasca Retreat

And it includes:
  • -1-
    Specific Diet
    and Detoxification
    For your physical body and energy, starting no less than 1 month before the Retreat.
    We will give your all instructions about the diet after your registration.
  • -2-
    Emotional and Mental Preparation
    Individual emotional and mental preparation trough 4 private sessions.
    We will schedule your sessions after the registration.
  • -3-
    Energy Movements
    and Breathing
    Energy balancing through specific movements and breathing will help you to prepare and integrate the experience.
That’s why we recommend you to register in advance to not be in a hurry with your preparation process.
Registration will be closed 1 month before the retreat.


Contact us to apply and get details:

Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Photo by Arnaud
Ayahuaca Art-Painting
During the Retreat we also learn a traditional Amazonian Shipibo painting.

Adelia, a grandmother-shaman, leads classes of this Art. For doing that she cooks natural paint from the bark of several local trees. And then we try to catch the patterns we saw during the Ayahuaska ceremonies and put them in to the fabric.

These traditional painting classes are additional for those who are interested in experience the Amazonian Art.
Your Guides
Looking forward to seeing you!
  • Neten Kea, Panshin Nima, Neten Sui
    The Shamans who will guide you in to the work with the healing plants
    The Amazonian family we are connected to is an old Shipibo-Conibo linage of shamans that accepted us as part of their family five years ago.

    They are one of the most known and respected families in the whole healing-shamanic Amazonian tradition, receiving people looking for healing, guidance and wisdom from all around the world each year.

    This trip will be to the beautiful retreat center of the 3 brothers: Neten Kea, Panshin Nima y Neten Sui (for their names in Shipibo) where sisters, cousins, daughters and sons will be there to receive us and make us feel at home for our time with them in the jungle.
  • Julian Cruz Davila
    Your energy guide and facilitator to the world of the amazonian healing tradition
    For more than 10 years, Julián has dedicated his life to open awareness of himself and others through Mexican-Toltec and Peruvian-Amazonian traditions. His mission is to be a bridge to self-remembering.
  • Alice Amber
    Your energy guide and facilitator to the world of the amazonian healing tradition
    Being always interested in nature energies and practicing principles of expanding awareness, Alice travels a lot to investigate and learn deeper the local traditions of shamanism, energy and healing work.

    • Professional Trainer of Coaching, ICTA
    • The Art of Life Travel™ Therapist
    • Time-Line Coach, ACA
    • Master of Enneagram, ICTA
    • Akasha Healing Master, ACA
    • Biologist, BS, PSU
    • Plant Medicine Empowering Guide of Amazon, Siberian and Mexican Traditions
Photo by Paul
Photo by Arnaud
Photo by Lea
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