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MEXICO, Puerto Escondido, January - February 2024
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AKASHA is a unique spiritual empowerment and energy healing system, taught by the honored master of spiritual and personal development - Jack Makani (Denmark). It based on the use of 30 powerful energy symbols. Each symbol has its own unique function and purpose. During the Akasha trainings, Jack initiates the participants into these symbols.

INITIATION is an energetic way of direct transmission of the certain types of energy settings from the master to the student with the ability to use them later on their own. As a result of the initiation into Akasha system you gain access to symbols that connect you to a certain type of energy. Each of them has its own functions and purpose.
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5-DAY AKASHA Training-Initiation
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Full 5-day deep internal transformation led by Jack Makani and Svetlana Charkovskaya


  • Energy practices, Initiation, Certification
  • Dynamic, sound and silent meditations
  • Breathing practices and morning Yoga
  • Working with the Elements Energy
  • Establishing connection with the Energy Sources
  • Working with the mind, body and energy systems

WHEN: January 31 - February 4, 2024
WHERE: Ashram of Puerto Escondido

You'll learn how to:
  • Maintain physical, mental and spiritual health by applying Akasha practices
  • Communicate with spiritual forces
  • Understand and realize your life mission
  • Develop energy healing skills to help yourself and others. And much more...

Feel that spiritual development is an important part of your life

Wish to significantly affect your HEALTH and emotional BALANCE

Seek to understand and realize your LIFE MISSION by empowering the contact with the Higher Self

Want to find the higher spiritual source supporting you in everyday life

Want to master the practical methods of energy healing

Ready to stop reading about spirituality, and start mastering the practical tools of spiritual development

    Sessions, work in small groups, energy practices, initiation for all participants led by Jack Makani and Svetlana Charkovskaya. This triggers deep transformational and purification processes, changes the emotional and physiological state, the balance of one's vital energy.

    DAY 1 - January 31, Wednesday - INTRODUCTION
    9 am - 7 pm

    • Arrival at the Ashram and Accommodation
    • Training begins!
    • Learn about the Akasha system
    • Meet its founder Jack Makani
    • 3-fold nature of "Mind": Consciousness, Unconscious, Higher Self.
    • Energy bodies and chakras - introduction and practical research.
    • Take part in the Akasha Energy Practices

    DAY 2 - February 1, Thursday - CLEANSING

    7 am - 7 pm

    • Morning meditation and energy charging exercises
    • Cleaning up the unconscious with using the Timeline method and other transformational practices.
    • Meditation to deepen communication with the Higher Self.

    DAY 3 - February 2, Friday - INITIATION

    7 am - 7 pm

    • Morning meditation and energy charging exercises
    • Four elements and energy balancing
    • Preparation for the initiation
    • Initiation
    • Using energy symbols

    DAY 4 - February 3, Saturday - APPLY
    7 am - 7 pm

    • Morning meditation and energy charging exercises
    • Practical application of the Akasha system
    • Demonstration of sessions with Jack Makani
    • Practicing in pairs and mini-groups

    DAY 5 - February 4, Sunday - CERTIFICATION
    7 am - 5 pm

    • Creating a focus on the desired future
    • Certification
    • Recommendations for further daily practice
    • Closing
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We are happy to make Akasha knowledge available for you here at the Mexico land - the bridge between South and North American continents!
  • Jack Makani
    Founder of Akasha Empowerment and Healing System,
    Member of The Association of Danish Psychotherapists FaDP, Trainer of Coaching, Co-founder of ICTA, Founder of ACA.
    In 1993, Jack began his studies in the Polynesian shaman tradition of Huna on Hawaii. "Makani" from the Hawaiian language means - the wind that brings change. As a result of a deep spiritual transformation, Jack opens a channel of communication with the Ascended Masters.

    Today, Jack Makani travels around the world and conducts Coaching Training, the TimeLine Transformation method, and the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System.
  • Svetlana Charkovskaya
    Coach, Initiator and Trainer of the Akasha Energy development system
    Svetlana leads Akasha trainings all over the world together with Jack Makani and leads additional shamanic practices.

    Founder of the NLP and Personality Development Center in Cyprus with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

    Charisma Enhancement® (Trainer Training), Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning, Certified Professional Trainer of NLP & Coaching (ICTA)
    Full Transformational Holistic Initiator & Trainer of Akasha Empowerment & Healing System, Self-coaching
  • Alice Amber
    Trainer of Coaching (ICTA), Time-Line Coach, Akasha Healing Master, Co-founder of ALTI
    Alice is an organizer of Akasha Events in Mexico.

    Being always interested in nature energies and practicing principles of gathering energy, Alice is traveling a lot to investigate and learn deeper local traditions of shamanism, energy and healing work.
  • Julian Cruz Davila
    Akasha Healing Master, Co-founder of ALTI
    For more than 10 years, Julián has dedicated his life to open awareness of himself and others through Mexican-Toltec and Peruvian-Amazonian traditions. His mission is to be a bridge to self-remembering.

PUERTO ESCONDIDO - is the unique powerful place on the Mexican coast of the Pacific Ocean where you can connect with all energy Elements in a most natural way. Where the nature combines power of ocean, desert, mountains and tropical landscapes.

Puerto Escondido translates from Spanish language as a "Hidden Door" - that's totally true, because this place is a gate to the source of power, wellbeing and joy of life. We will discover this transformational effect together at the Akasha Training.

ASHRAM of Puerto Escondido - is the exact location of the Akasha Training in Mexico. It's one of a few Ashrams in the Central America where you will be able to feel clean energy full of emptiness... that type of emptiness where all is possible... you just need to go trough the hidden door to experience your full potential as a human, energy and spiritual being....

Your staying in Ashram will include:
  • Ocean view shared room with private bathroom
  • 3 nourishing vegetarian meals
  • Tremendously energetically clean and light energy of the place
  • 5 days (let us know if you want to stay more days)
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